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The tech industry is undoubtedly focused on innovation, creation, and growth. We could even say that no sector has as much potential for international projection as the tech industry. Digital operations are more important than ever, with many transformative changes accelerating over the past year. In today’s world, the influence of technology is massive.

It’s clear that Apple, Samsung Electronics or Microsoft, which lead the list of the World's Largest Tech Companies in 2021, and being tech giants as they are, do not do business only inside national borders, so they need to communicate with partners and potential clients in many languages, as they develop international projects to meet their business goals.

Translation services are key in tech industry from different perspectives. On the one hand, they help companies reach new audiences. On the other hand, they give access to new technologies to many people, as more and more tech start-ups must integrate language services to capture attention.

So how tech companies benefit from these translation services?

From protocols and other terminology-heavy material to explicative pieces for the public, all communications must be handled professionally and with care. That is why we’ve brought together a list of some of the many services the tech industry may need to lead the way in the highly competitive international market:

· Marketing Translation

· Financial Reports

· Patents

· Company files

· Technical Translation

· Website Localization

· Digital Content Writing

· AI Training Translation

· Quality Assurance and Testing

· Proofreading and Editing

· Marketing & Technical Content Writing

· Interpretation

· Multilingual Digital Services

Thinking about expanding your company in other countries? Reach out to us and find out how YOKO Translate can boost your business overseas!


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