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By using our Service, you agree to these terms. Please read them carefully.


You agree to:

  • Comply with any policies made available to you by YOKO.

  • Comply with our general service agreement.

  • Not abuse or conduct illegal activity using our service.

  • Not defame or abuse our employees, contractors, customers, or translators.

  • Provide valid and accurate personal information at all times, as an individual or company representative. 

* Both parties (YOKO and Customer) will sign a General Service Agreement and a Non Disclosure Agreement upon order confirmation.


Payment: Once the order and the quotation is accepted, customer will pay 50% of the quote agreed upfront.​ Full payment shall be done before the completed order delivery.

Cancellations: Customer can cancel the order within 24h from confirmation or before the order has been initiated by our translators. If the order has already been assigned and started, the upfront payment will not be refunded. 

Materials: Customer is responsible for providing the materials to be translated in the formats agreed when placing the order. The quality results will depend on the materials provided and customer's instructions accuracy.


Delivery: YOKO gives an estimated time for the order completion but cannot guarantee an exact delivery time. In the event of delays YOKO will be in contact with the customer to clarify deliverables and order's performance. Delays shall not entitle you to cancel or reject the order delivery.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of language and the multiple acceptable translations, errors could inevitably occur. Customer may request a revision within 7 days from order delivery. If the quality standards are not met as agreed at that point, customer may be entitled for a refund.


YOKO may use third party contractors (translators) during the translation process. The same T&C will apply. 

In this occasion we disclose our customer materials for the project completion. If there are specific contents, personal or confidential information that you do not wish to disclose in this case, you are the solely responsible for editing/removing such information.

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