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Some time ago we brought a very curious list of funny expressions and their meanings with no exact English equivalent. They were just words and phrases to describe life situations English speakers never knew they needed.

In that list our name itself was also included, remember? Yoko Meshi (in Japanese), which means "the peculiar stress of speaking in a foreign language."

Today we want to make this funny list even bigger, and we’ve come up with ten more words that are, again, just worth it! Ready?

Fernweh -- German

Ever heard of wanderlust? Yes, the wish to travel far away and too many different places. Well, this German word is quite similar, but slightly different. It refers to that feeling you get of homesickness for a place you’ve never ever been to!

Estrenar – Spanish

To wear or use something for the first time. It could be applied to clothes, houses, cars… everything! Quite simple, right? But no word in English for it!

Pochemuchka - Russian

A person who nags with constant questions. More exactly, it means the word is somebody who's constantly asking "why". Bet you already have someone in mind!

Tartle – Scottish

You know that feeling when after having been introduced to someone before, their name has completely disappeared from your brain? Well, then you’ve tartled! Essentially means a hesitation in recognising a person or thing.

Tingo – Pascuense

It means slowly and gradually stealing your neighbour’s things by borrowing them and not returning them till you’ve built up a collection of all the things you’ve borrowed. Quite cheeky, isn’t it?

Iktsuarpok – Inuit

You know that feeling of anticipation when you’re waiting for someone to show up at your house and you keep going outside to see if they’re there yet? Iktsuarpok describes the frustration and annoyance that comes with waiting for someone to show up. All been there!

Bilita Mpash – Bantu

An amazing dream. Not just a "good" dream. It is the opposite of a nightmare… How lucky when we have one!

Cafune – Brazilian Portuguese

Tenderly running your fingers through your lover’s hair. Oh my god…Sometimes you never know how much you needed a word in your life!

Koi No Yokan – Japanese

The sense upon first meeting a person that the two of you are going to fall in love. How cute!

Seigneur-terraces – French

You know those people who sit around in a cafe all day, but don't really order much? Are you maybe a seigneur-terraces? This French word refers to coffee shop dwellers who sit at tables for a long time but spend very little money.

Can you think of any other untranslatable word your language has? Tell us about it!


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