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Translation plays an essential role in many fields where the need may not be as obvious, and real estate industry, highly competitive and ever-changing, is one of those.

Every real estate company wants to pride itself on excellent customer service. However, language barriers can impact the quality of customer service profoundly. From property listings and attracting clients to negotiating the terms and conditions of sale and drawing up contracts, the transaction process of real estate is all about communicating effectively and accurately with clients.

Translation facilitates access to the right information, to the potential customers in their local language along with a good SEO score of the property advertisement. When dealing with these translations — large variety of legal content and monetary amounts are involved — quality and accuracy are the foremost aspects in successfully reaching all parties involved.

Taking into account that the Internet has greatly increased the ability to advertise and promote information on real estate, a potential client’s interest in real estate is heightened by a well-written description. Afterwards, it builds through the ease of communication and clarity of contracts that follow between the real estate company and buyer.

Just to start with, real estate document titles vary depending on the language involved. If these documents aren’t translated accurately, it can be extremely confusing to the parties involved.

But what other elements are in need for accurate translation in the real estate industry?

  • Property description

  • Marketing content and promotional videos (property walkthrough videos, e-brochures)

  • Website content

  • Legal documentation (real estate contracts, rental and lease agreements, litigation documents, tenant real property disclosure agreements, mortgage agreement, etc,.)

  • Building codes

  • Internal presentations to clients

  • Press releases

Remember it is important to help the client understand the process in their own language, hence why professional translators will address the target culture and will be capable of appropriately translating complex terminology specific to this sector.

In need of real estate translation services? Reach out us!


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