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When we usually think of the fashion industry, images of catwalks in Milan or Paris are usually pictured, even though that represents only a very small part of it. And what about fashion translation then? Is it actually all about translating clothes descriptions or interviews with models?

The truth is that fashion transcends borders and languages. In fact, most of the global growth in fashion today is coming from emerging markets, and as emerging consumers begin to travel more, their purchases outside of their home countries are expected to continue growing at a steady pace.

Consequently, brand’s localization strategies are crucial, and there is where professional translators come on stage.

Translating for the fashion industry can involve various types of translation. Clothes descriptions and press releases are, indeed, part of the work of fashion translators. However, it is not all about clothes – annual reports to shareholders, marketing materials, contracts or staff training manuals are part of it too.

Why is it important for a brand to work with professional translators?

Fashion firms communicate their brands and communicate their products by conveying a mix of both tangible and intangible features to their target audience. To be persuasive, a brand will need to stay consistent across different media, and when expanding, it will have to bear in mind that cultures and languages will play a key role in its success.

Professional translators have knowledge needed to localize product descriptions and the skill to craft a brand’s image so that it bests suits the targets of a company. Besides, fashion translation has some very special characteristics, with an extremely specialized vocabulary.

Moreover, this multi-billion-dollar industry encompasses a wide range of different businesses in where different types of translation can be required:

· In-house logistics materials

· Staff manuals

· Training materials

· Product descriptions for clothes and accessories

· Contracts

· Publicity and marketing materials

· Magazine articles

· Websites and SEO

· Blog posts and social media

· Annual reports

· Press releases

· Establishments and labelling

Fashion is a cyclical, varied and large industry in which company’s international communication should not be taken lightly. Languages and cultures are key when expanding overseas, not only here, but in any industry.

Relying on a professional language service provider is essential in other to achieve the best results. Got any questions? Contact us!


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