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Live, love, eat; there’s no doubt it, food lies at the heart of our cultural identity, it is the cornerstone of life.

Gastronomy is the core of every culture and country worldwide, and believe it or not, cultural and culinary translation is one of the major areas of specialized translation.

If you enjoy exploring different types of restaurants around the world, you may have noticed it is not so unusual for some restaurant owners to Google Translate the ingredients and names of their funny foods in the menus… and the results are just worth the laugh!

But is it all about restaurant menus? The truth is that nothing is ever as straightforward as it seems! Yes, restaurant menu translation is one of the most requested translation services, all over the world, but it involves so much more.

The language of food

Apart from restaurant menus, food reviews and recipes, cultural and culinary translations are present in more situations than you would expect:

- Gastronomic publications

From recipe books, websites and articles to television and radio programs… or even in documentaries and reports of gastronomic journeys travel where cuisine forms part of the trip.

- Food tourism

Element of attraction in most tourist destinations and a vital component of the tourist experience as they would want to explore the local and traditional cuisine.

- Gastronomic marketing and advertising campaigns

It is targeted towards an international audience and it must be presented in terms they could fully understand.

- Social Media

#Globalfood #foodie #foodlover. Explore visually the gastronomic treasures through social media with the simple search of a #hashtag is a trend!

As you can see, these types of translations tend to involve a great deal of research and high-qualified professionals. Culinary translation is, as cooking, an art of its own, and it requires mastery and familiarity with its terminology.

Hiring a professional translator for this task means not only assuring the correct translation of the content, but it can promote your business in the most positive light possible and enhance your online presence. Don’t let your menu be worth a laugh!

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