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In today’s world, going into global markets represents a solid growth opportunities for companies. As a consequence, most companies understand the importance of making their websites accessible to people within different countries and therefore add different language options to their sites.

It is clear then that new website visitors won’t stick around if they cannot understand the content. However, many companies make the mistake of gathering the text from their website and running it through a basic translation process.

In those cases, rather than simply translating text, it is essential for a company’s website to be localized. This means that each page is adapted to the local language and culture of the target market.

Website localization will ensure each page makes sense in a linguistic and cultural context for each country.

Apart from just the text, several portions of a website need to be localized, such as currency and date formats, or even images or color schemes. In order to carry out this process, two chief factors are associated: programming expertise and cultural/linguistic knowledge. That’s why it must always be executed by professional localizers/translators.

Not convinced yet about the advantages of this process yet? Here are three extra reasons to localize your website:

1# Site visitors are about four times more inclined to purchase from a website that includes content in their own language and spend around twice the usual time on the site’s pages.

2# Search engines differ between international markets. By localizing your pages, you will definitely help to increase your SEO in local markets, and it will eventually start to improve by building up the number of page visits you receive from your global audience.

3# Having a proper localized website into multiple languages can make your company or business gain a competitive advantage and allow it to generate more sales or superior margins compared to your market rivals.

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