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Localization is an integral part of a customer-first mindset that can help a brand push ahead of the competition. How? By preparing your business for presentation to a new target market.

While it is true localization is not a single-step process, it helps making your product or content more accessible to a new audience, so it is all worth every dime and effort in the long run.

The benefits of localization are quite apparent to most experienced marketers and big companies — take the example of brands like Nike or McDonalds. However, most small businesses make the mistake of standardizing their brands only in English with the assumption that the biggest population of the world speaks it. Is that your case?

The whole idea behind localization is to speak to the heart of the target customer; in his or her mother tongue.

For that reason, even if you are only a small business, localization can help boost your sales and gain the trust and loyalty of your customers and clients. Let’s have a look at three things localization can do for your business.

1. It focus on your customers needs

Localization is a good investment even thought you are not going global. By localizing your website, for instance, you can show that your business really cares about its customers. Even if you only operate in one country, you can use localization to reach different minorities living in your region but speaking other languages.

2. It retains and attracts more buyers

As a small business, you have more flexibility and are able to pay attention to small details to deliver personal customer care. Localizing will make your website users understand how your products and services can help solve their problems, so they will be more likely to trust your business and keep coming back.

3. It helps you increase profits

There are many reasons why foreign customers may want to buy from your small business, but fail to grasp the details of your offer. With more language versions, your website will be available to more users and potential customers. A powerful and culturally adapted content will help you achieve a wider reach and build local presence.

A localized website means more exposure, better customer relations and potentially higher profits, even if you don’t plan to become a global player.

Your localization success is only as successful as your localization partner.

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